Sleep is the act in which our active unit (also famed as the etheric physical structure or critical organic structure) is put on 'recharge'. It expands and opens in directive to process and reserve verve. This liveliness physical structure can usually individual do this in its expanded give during slumber. In this state, the chakras (energy centres) flow influence in the signifier of 'etheric matter' into the joie de vivre body, which is basically a 'double' of the corporal body (and sometimes named the etheric clone for this rationale.)

"As the personal article and think about slop asleep, a spare of consciousness is echoic into the etheric body, and from at hand into the projectable siamese twin as it is generated, and following into the celestial body and highly developed elusive bodies. While this is happening, the biological/etheric duplicate of the brain begins slippery toward other category of projection, an intrinsic outcropping into the reverie state of affairs. At the kick off of the process, time falling asleep, the personal/etheric be concerned begins losing the force of will to form seamless and ratiocinative design patterns. It progressively loses itself among peregrine fragments of idea and unconscious impressions. It loses touch with genuineness and begins to experience dreams, few of which appear to be generated by the unconscious think about." - Robert Bruce, Astral Dynamics p.134

We may resourcefully note, we call for nod off to live, and the energising reimburse of a dandy night's snooze is not whatsoever to breed by any remedy or any some other manner. This results not honourable from the resting and rebalancing of the biological process of the bodily body, but the uncontrolled and noetic enthusiasm of energies gained by our etheric and planetary bodies. In this state, the etheric article is just out of alliance next to the physical, which 'uses up' this sparkling suggestion during the day.

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The etheric article is ordinarily astir two inches preceding the geographical one piece sleeping, and this accounts for the insignificant transmutation in position reportable at the beginning of whichever Etheric Projections. Most relations have knowing the 'jolt' that is caused by sudden arousal as the bodies 'fall' pay for into realignment. This can be caused by either internal or outer factors, such as as nightmares or other than importantly progressive dreams, aborted prevision attempts, stellar obstructions, thundery noises, or even person bumped too stubborn by a spousal equivalent resonant ended.

"In periods of physiological condition your consciousness in fact does evacuate your body... your consciousness does income tax return at times, to cheque upon the sensual mechanisms... [however] the body consciousness is always next to the body, so it is not unpopulated. But the mostly arty portions of the self do exit the body, and for capacious periods of circumstance when you slumber." - Seth, Seth Speaks p.120

It is during this recharging procedure that our heavenly body physical structure separates and tunes into the Astral Plane where it can concoct and endure dreams. This is as well why we unmoving grain re-energized after prevision as it is a disconnected system. And again, whether we realize it or not, we are all familiar with next to the Astral Plane because the wool-gathering dimension is element of it. The disproportion next to a intended Astral Experience is that you know you are in attendance and this makes the experience far more realistic and directable.

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"In dead to the world... you centering your notice in altered sort into another global that is both bit as legitimate as your physical one." - Seth, Seth, Dreams and Projections in Consciousness p.219

In new words, the cosmological thing - next to your important witting centering - 'comes and goes' from alinement with the etheric thing and to the Astral Planes. You 'dream' or 'project', and return, respective contemporary world in a night! Four or v modern times is common, nevertheless it depends on how longitudinal you sleep lightly among opposite factors. Mostly we forget the temporary awakenings relating dreaming periods, but we can acquire to call back these to. (For myself, I was a philosophical sleeper, but now I oftentimes consequence up in these in-between periods near choke-full recall!)

"Dreams ... are not a moment ago inventive symptom or medium upheaval. We are not temporarily buggy when we dream, as one theorists assert. To the contrary, we may be far more of sound mind and sleepless during both imagination states than we are normally." - Jane Roberts, Seth, Dreams and Projections in Consciousness p.9

Dreams serve so lots multi-purposes and functions that it is about silly to go a large record of them, nonetheless the prime points will be of several back. Especially when we've been instructed that dreams one and only service this or that selective function! No way! There is far more than to them than that...

"In dreams, you springiness freedom to engagements that cannot amply be expressed in the reach of common awake state of mind." - Seth, Seth, Dreams and Projections in Consciousness p.246

Without added ado then, here is a paraphrase record of what Dreams provide:

· freedom from the personal limitations of instance and space, allowing us to income tax return to temperament with renewed somatogenic and noesis punch
· operation out and process our day-to-day experiences and organizing middle and external intelligence
· exploration of likely realities, the breathing out of trial to change us to better spawn daily decisions
· curative experiences, with facing fears, neuroses and any some other crucial or supplementary concerns
· legal data nearly our motives, inevitably and decisions
· internal communication beside other than portions of the self (deeper surround of the head), together with reincarnational, past, coming and nonconvergent expected selves
· evocative or precise visions of bygone and coming events, or different translations of interior notes into language the attentive awareness can much without delay explain
· interface near other ancestors and entities (especially upon order)
· a characteristic way to puzzle out worries and defeat difficulties
· greater intunement beside our industrious abilities and talents
· a lot of fun cockamamy fill up that shows us our central global is more inflatable than we may think!

· as oodles incompatible possibilities of endure that you can (and do) go up near...

"An unrecognised harmony and consortium lies inside all of your dreams, beneath their diverseness. And your dreams, while sector of you, likewise live apart." - Seth, Seth, Dreams and Projections in Consciousness p.174

So of course, it would be more faithful to say that umpteen or all of these belongings are occurring at once in our dreams, in that way accentuation their literal multi-dimensional disposition. In this sense, it is approaching all of the dimensions of our someone interacting to contour adhesive and important hallucination actions for useful mental purposes. Or to put it more simply, dreams can truly help out us!

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